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Entering its 17th season, Mont Tremblant’s La Bête golf course has been rated as one of Canada’s best. This 6825 yard course, designed by renowned golf course architect Graham Cooke, has five sets of tees, bentgrass tees, greens, and fairways, and will reward every calibre of golfer an amazing golf experience.

The course winds along elevated plateaus with majestic views of the Laurentian Mountains, Mont Tremblant, and the Devil’s River. Enjoy unique challenges on each hole, inspiring strategic play with every shot. You will leave with great memories and one goal in mind – booking your next game at La Bête!

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  • Le Rocher
  • La Cascade
  • Le Village
  • La Vallée
  • Spruce Tree
  • Trois Montagnes
  • The Creek
  • La Rivière
  • Le Ravin
  • Mont Tremblant
  • Grande Allée
  • Grand Canyon
  • Le Bras Mort
  • Island Green
  • The Marsh
  • Le Parc Linéaire
  • Solitude
  • Amen
  • Le Rocher: The first hole at La Bête is a scenic and inviting a taste of all that awaits. A good drive right of centre to avoid the waste bunker on the left will leave you a short iron to a relatively flat green. Take advantage of an early birdie opportunity.
  • La Cascade: A spectacular hole from every vantage point. A well placed drive to the edge of the first plateau will leave a long iron across the bowl–shape green. Check your yardage and be careful not to drive through the plateaus in the hazard area. Red and yellow tees play this hole as a par 3 from the lower plateau.
  • Le Village: This first par Three, with the city of Mont Tremblant lying in the valley beyond, is the first of five extremely distinctive part threes at La Bête. A tee shot to the right side of the green will avoid the steep drop off and traps to the left of the green.
  • La Vallée: This par five, with the magnificent views of the river and the lake below, challenges the golfer with every shot. A good drive sets up the chance to for the green in two, with a possible eagle chance. Or lay up with a mid iron to the right leaving a short iron to a long narrow green.
  • Spruce Tree: The first of several holes with the Devil’s River in play, and a real test of your shot making. A good drive to the right of the spruce sets up a mid iron to the green. Check pin placement before club selection at this undulating green that will test your putting stroke.
  • Trois Montagnes: This short par three with Tremblant, Gray Rocks and Mont Blanc ski hill in the back ground can be deceptive. The green surface is small and requires a delicate touch off the tee. Do not be long as trouble awaits you beyond the green.
  • The Creek: This magnificent par five demands accurate ball position on each shot. A good drive over the waste area leaves you the option of laying up with an iron in front of the creek or going for the green. Avoid the right coming into the green.
  • La Rivière: An excellent short hole, position off the tee is crucial. A long iron to the right side of the fairway presents the best opening to a long and very narrow green. Anything off the fairway to the right is in the environmentally sensitive hazard.
  • Le Ravin: Spectacular view of Mont Tremblant and Devil’s River off the tee. Check the yardage to the ravine from tees before club selection, and stay left to have the best opening to the green. A shot to the right or long here is out of play. Pin placement will determine your choice of club to a long kidney shape green.
  • Mont Tremblant: A good drive up the centre of the fairway on this hole will bring the green into view and set up a mid iron approach. The relatively flat green is protected short left and right with traps, so go for it with sufficient club and try for a birdie!
  • Grande Allée: The first of three challenging par fives on the second nine. A good drive down the centre will reward you with excellent distance from this elevated tee. From here a wood down the right will avoid the numerous tall trees along the left side and give the best opening to the green.
  • Grand Canyon: This long par three is all carry over a huge waste bunker. Ensure that you choose sufficient club from the tee to reach the green surface, as anything short will be in the sand pit. Par is an excellent score here.
  • Le Bras Mort: Thirteen is a spectacular hole from elevated tees across the oxbow marsh from the back tees, and a more forgiving from the forward tee which avoids the carry across water. A good drive left centre followed by a solid fairway wood left of the water will leave a short iron into the green.
  • Island Green: A truly great golf hole, fourteen requires a long drive down the right centre of the fairway to have the best view and opening to this spectacular green. It is situated on an island formed by an old oxbow lake of the river , so you must not be short with your approach.
  • The March: A superb par three in beauty and challenge. At 215 yards from the back tee and with the march on the right, it will take a perfectly struck long iron or fairway wood to get home. The two tiered green demands a well placed tee shot to have a chance at birdie.
  • Le Parc Linéaire: This winding par five next to the bicycle path takes three well positioned shots. A good drive aimed at the centre of the “saddle” will best position you for a second shot to the left of three traps. To avoid the bunker you must select the right short iron coming into this well protected green.
  • Solitude: This secluded par three along the river presents a different look depending on which tee set is used. In either case, it requires a mid iron to a green that is well protected on the left with traps and short right with grassy mounds.
  • Amen: Playing the eighteen hole, you will find the beauty and challenge that characterize each hole at La Bête. Favour the right side all the way on this hole as the fairway and green drop off to the left. A solid second shot with a long iron or fairway wood will be needed for a chance to birdie this great finishing hole.


  • 385
  • 340
  • 325
  • 300
  • 300
  • 4


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Cancellation / Modification Policy

For any cancellation or changes, we require notification a minimum of 48 hours prior to your starting time.

Rain Check Policy

Players must be prepared to play in different weather conditions, be it rain, wind, fog, or otherwise. Only the golf director or course superintendent are authorised to close the courses, and delays caused by storms are not considered course closures. Rain checks are at the sole discretion of the course. Players in doubt should call the course to determine the status of their time.

Procedure for rain check:

  • If your game is stopped between the tee of the first hole and the green of the 4th, you will receive a rain check voucher equal to the value of the round played and will be credited towards a new round.
  • If your game is stopped between the tee of the 5th hole and the green of the 13th, you will receive a rain check voucher valid for 2 rounds of golf for the price of one.
  • If your game is stopped after the tee of the 14th hole, no rain check voucher will be given.