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Tremblant’s ‘Beauty’ – La Belle Golf!

The first La Belle golf course holes were carved out of Laurentian forest and farmers fields over 80 years ago using just horses and manpower. They have matured into what is now a classic mountain course, La Belle (French for “the Beauty”). La Belle Golf course will delight all levels of player with its tree lined fairways, lush greens, and panoramic vistas of Mont Tremblant and the Laurentian mountains. With a fully equipped pro-shop, driving range and practice greens, 3 academy holes and a host of golf teaching facilities, La Belle rewards the beginning golfer as well as the seasoned pro. Experienced players will take strokes off their game, and newcomers learn the joys of golf on a beautiful course.

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  • Hole #1: This straight forward wide par 5 is a great way to start your round. A solid drive followed by a fairway wood will leave you a short iron to the green. Keep your approach below the cup to this sloped green.
  • Hole #2: Hit a long iron or fairway wood to this 200 yards par 3 from the back tee. The green is wide but protected by a bunker on both sides.
  • Hole #3: With a great view of the ski slopes of Mont Tremblant in the background, this long par 4 offers a great challenge. Favor the right hand side on your tee shot for a better angle, you will have a middle to long iron left to the green. The green is elevated and slopes from Back to front . Par is an excellent score on this hole.
  • Hole #4: This par 4 is very inviting from the tee due to the wide fairway. A good drive over the hill will leave a short iron to this two tiers green. Go for the birdie !
  • Hole #5: This right to left dog leg par 4 is very exciting to play. Hit your tee shot to the right side of the fairway with a long iron or a fairway wood and you will have a short approach left to the green. If you are a long hitter you can go for it and try to hit your driver in front or even on the green. Stay away from the left hand side that is a lateral hazard from tee to green.
  • Hole #6: This hole is the longest on the course, a par 5 that requires guts and precision. From the blue and white tees, hit your drive a maximum of 220 yards over the ravine toward the telephone pole. Hit a fairway wood to the left of the tree on your second shot; you will have a short iron left to get on the green.
  • Hole #7: This straight forward par 3 plays 175 yards from the back tee. The green is protected on both sides with sand traps. Hit your tee shot close to the hole and go for the birdie !
  • Hole #8: This hole is a spectacular par 4. First enjoy hitting your downhill tee shot short of the water, then hit your approach uphill to a green sloping from left to right. You will remember this hole for a long time!
  • Hole #9: The fairway of this uphill par 4 is fairly narrow and demands precision off the tee. Hit your tee shot on the left hand side and hit your approach uphill to the green. If you do not see the green aim for the flag pole behind it. Make sure to ring the bell when you have finished the hole.
  • Hole #10: This par 4 requires a good tee shot down the middle of the fairway. You will hit a middle iron to the green. Beware of the lake on the front left end side of the green. If the hole is cut in the back of the green, try to stay below it on your approach.
  • Hole #11: This par 4 is very inviting off the tee since the fairway is wide and downhill. The large green with a bunker on each side is also a generous target.
  • Hole #12: This hole is a long par 5 along the side of the road. Play safe and hit your tee shot to the left of the fairway, the road on the right is out of bounds. Hit your second shot with a long iron or fairway wood towards the middle and then short iron onto the green. Watch out for the deep sand bunker on the right of the green.
  • Hole #13: This short par 4 is a great birdie opportunity. A solid tee shot on top of the hill will leave you a downhill approach to a flat green protected on both sides with a sand bunker.
  • Hole #14: A truly unique 150 yards par 3 from the back tee. You must hit the green carved into the side hill of the mountain on your tee shot since this hole has no fairway . If you miss the green, play your next shot from the drop area in front of the green.
  • Hole #15: Make sure to take a few seconds to enjoy the scenery from this elevated tee on this downhill hole. This hole plays as a par 3 from the blue and white tees and as a par 4 from the yellow tees. From the back tee you must hit a precise 250 yards to make a par.
  • Hole #16: With an out of bounds on the left side and a narrow fairway, this par 4 is a good challenge that requires precision. Go for the right side of the fairway on your tee shot. Keep in mind that the left side of the green is out of bounds when hitting towards it. This long narrow green is very steep in the back, keep your ball below the cup if possible.
  • Hole #17: After playing two downhill holes in a the row, it’s now time to play this par 4 that is uphill all the way. The fairway slopes from left to right so aim left on your tee shot. A good drive with leave you a short approach to a small tricky green.
  • Hole #18: A magnificent par 5 to terminate your round at La Belle. This hole is reachable in two for the long hitters and offers a birdie or even an eagle opportunity. Beware of the three bunkers around the green and the out of bounds on the right hand side.


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Tips from the Pros

“Hole # 14 is a short par 3 without a fairway. This is the type of hole that you will remember for a long time ! The smart way to play this hole is to aim slightly to the right of the green. The bank on that side will catch your ball and keep it on the putting surface. Any shot landing on the left hand side of the green will be in trouble.” Guy Ouimet


“Dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt sit amet!” Marc Jacobs

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Cancellation / Modification Policy

For any cancellation or changes, we require notification a minimum of 48 hours prior to your starting time.

Rain Check Policy

Players must be prepared to play in different weather conditions, be it rain, wind, fog, or otherwise. Only the golf director or course superintendent are authorised to close the courses, and delays caused by storms are not considered course closures. Rain checks are at the sole discretion of the course. Players in doubt should call the course to determine the status of their time.

Procedure for rain check:

  • If your game is stopped between the tee of the first hole and the green of the 4th, you will receive a rain check voucher equal to the value of the round played and will be credited towards a new round.
  • If your game is stopped between the tee of the 5th hole and the green of the 13th, you will receive a rain check voucher valid for 2 rounds of golf for the price of one.
  • If your game is stopped after the tee of the 14th hole, no rain check voucher will be given.